Silhouette of Grass Under White Sky

About Olivia Disparo

long dark tales for long dark nights.

Olivia Disparo writes Dramatic Horror Fiction

Olivia’s Novels, Novellas, Short Stories & Anthologies feature developed characters and plots that span an array of genres nestled in the realm of horror. Olivia creates intricate worlds and storylines that invite readers to fall inside and enjoy the thrilling ride.

Fiction is Rated R (18+) and intended for mature audiences. Although not grotesque and balanced with beauty, Olivia’s stories may still strike a disturbing nerve. Due to the harrowing and realistic nature of events featured and the raw nature of scenes that are written for maximum effect, reader discretion is advised. Inside these tales, the creator is not your friend.

About The Writing

Ideas and philosophies behind Olivia’s stories.


A variety of characters with unique personalities live through winding, multi-layered horror plots. Readers are invited to follow the casts as they develop throughout the books and series, completing their arcs during their approaches to the climaxes of their stories.


Stories are developed for mature readers and push boundaries to incite emotional reaction. They are often rooted in current events, history, non-fiction, and personal experiences and presented without opinions or influences outside of in-world themes.


Displays of heroism, humility, and beauty balance the dark depths of terror and tragedy. Readers experience raw and sometimes upsetting experiences tempered by the author’s dedication to displaying love, family, and friendship.

Story Triggers

Adult Liaisons ☼
Alternative Sexuality ☼
Violence & Blood ☼
Disturbing Content ☼
Scenes of Abuse ☼
Complicated World Issues ☼

Creator Facts

☼ Female
☼ Private
☼ Taken
☼ Storyteller
☼ Artist (Painting & Drawing)
☼ Both old and young at the same time