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Olivia Disparo’s horror stories present intense, dramatic journeys where beauty is found alongside the grim. Sci-fi blends seamlessly with fantasy, mythology, and history inside of intricate, cascading plots. With a down-to-earth approach to epic storytelling, readers remain close to the vivid cast of each tale. These dramatic narratives are meant to be experienced.

Surprises and twists challenge reader perceptions. What you thought you knew might be something else.

Content Warning: Stories are 18+ and intended for mature audiences. Books may contain strong sexuality, references to true crime or history, and/or disturbing, upsetting themes. Reader discretion is advised.

Relax in a dark corner and enjoy a long dark tale on a long dark night.

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Native Blood

(Novel Series) Elias Pendergast is the president of Silatem, a sovereign hunting company with global powers on an alien planet. Contracted to defend both the population of humans and the peaceful immortal natives of the alien planet they’re stranded on, the hunters face issues when hostile native cults make it their mission to exterminate their mortal guests. Complications arise when a lethal parasitical infection spreads from their comingling, threatening the safety of everyone involved.

Native Blood follows the hunters of Silatem and a wide cast of characters as they struggle to survive in their current home. After 1000 years of humanity’s settlement with the natives, the goal remains to return to Earth. Someday.

STATUS: Rewriting Vol 01; Planning Vol 02 (tbd); Rewriting Vol 03 (tbd)
# of Books: ~13 Novels

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Isolated Together

(Novel Series) Leah is a vampire hunter genetically enhanced by the U.S. government with immortal genes. She’s been a hunter since conception and operates under an assumed identity, executing stealth operations in the hidden undead underworld. After a fellow hunter is brutalized by the master of Coven Forty-Eight and left paralyzed, Leah’s agency tasks her with locating the criminal to position him for capture.

Inner turmoil at the agency leads to a personal breakdown for Leah and paired with her growing closeness to her target as ordered, the unthinkable occurs—she develops sympathy for the enemy. Her sympathy grows into attraction and worse, it’s reciprocated. In response to the breach of conduct, Leah faces backlash from her agency.

STATUS: Target 2025 – Rewriting Vol 01; Planning Vol 02
# of Books: 2 (Duology)

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Lessons From A Fallen Empire

(Comic/Illustrated Series) Crown Prince Dagan of the Sky, child heir to the magical Sky Empire, awakens after a devastating alien attack and finds his planet in ruins, sapped of magical energy aside from the deformed, violent spells cast by a population transformed into hostile ghouls. He’s rescued by fellow survivors to discover that he’s the only one still alive from the Sky family and that his powers are intact. With assistance from his new friends, Dagan learns to control his powers as a force to rebuild.

While acclimating to new conditions, Dagan must face dark memories of his final days with his mother, Empress Lil of the Sky, coming to terms with her controversial legacy. Despite his critical power in a fallen world, his name and ties aren’t forgotten by all. In addition, the same evil that annihilated his home lurks in the shadows, following his trail.

STATUS: Target 2025-2026 – Remaster Vol 01 (13 Episodes), Planning Vol 02 (~13 Eps.)
# of Volumes: TBD

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Peace For Nebiria

(Novel) Lord Ulrid Tyrdragen is a venerated mystical hero who resides in the realm of Nebiria, a world between and beyond worlds granted authority to facilitate magical intervention in the affairs of other worlds. Ulrid led the crusade against an encroaching otherworldly enemy that threatened to destroy the realities of all magical worlds, restoring the balance of light and dark and freeing those enslaved by the shadows.

During a time of peace and prosperity, disturbing reports lead Ulrid and his party into a protected forest where he discovers the massacre of an important mana-producing fairy population. Unsettled by the possible reappearance of an old threat, Ulrid launches an investigation and enlists the help of an old ally, a fairy who once served the enemy.

STATUS: Target TBD, Story Started/Planning
# of Books: 1 Novel

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Kaldr Fólk

(Anthology) A viking warrior is turned draugr after his violent death during a raid and is also cursed by his killer, a foreign concubine that he slayed in the same moment. Laden with a strange burden from a faraway land, the draugr’s mere existence of being haunted by the phantom woman triggers an unraveling of world mythologies, inviting turmoil to his Norse gods.

Odin, master of the Wild Hunt, discovers that in the confusion a usurper has stolen his seat and continues wreaking havoc throughout the world and other mythologies. Powerless to stop the thief behind the veil of his divine limits, the Allfather tasks the shamed draugr to follow the Wild Hunt wherever it appears and restore order before all is lost.

STATUS: Target TBD, Revising First Story/Planning
# of Stories: TBD

Broken Glasses

Crystal Hearts

(Format TBD/Adult) Celestia Dread and her twin brother Cyan hail from the Dread family, powerful contenders for the world throne of Crystal Empire. The family’s held the seat for many generations thanks to their natural talent for the rare skill of enchantment. Difficult to overcome, the Dreads maintain streaks of victories against their challengers.

Celestia and Cyan’s father, the emperor, falls victim to magical corruption and stirs violent  unrest. The twins are born with duplicate crystal shards in their hearts, pieces of the relic meant to grant the emperor immunity, an omen for his demise. Stripped of power and defenseless as a coup arises, their father tries to murder the twins for their shards but is killed by Cyan to defend Celestia. The twins are spirited away. Years later, Cyan resurfaces to become emperor, though falls to the same corruption and downfall. Nightmares stir in Celestia but she avoids the call until mysterious outsider pushes her to act.

STATUS: Rewriting Two Entries/Planning
# of Entries: TBD

☼ The Second Sight of Halford James (Short Story, 11-15k): An ordinary man discovers he can see and vanquish demons.
☼ Coven Forty-Eight (Companion Anthology to Isolated Together): A collection of short stories about Coven Forty-Eight.
☼ Nyctophilia (Anthology, Series Tentative): Themed horror shorts.